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A Way Home TT - By: Luca Schrammel

A Way Home TT - By: Luca Schrammel

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Title: A Way Home - WW / TT

October 2022 - January, 2023 | Acrylic On Canvas | 48 x 60

"A Way Home - WW / TT" is a touching, connecting two-piece painting that serves as a tribute to the vibrant lives and adventures of William Wallace (WW) and Tom Taylor (TT), a dynamic couple. Commissioned by Cuisine Style By Pamela Keith, this artwork is a commemoration of their love and the many accomplishments they achieved together.

Informed by the stories shared by Taylor and Pamela, the painting reflects the independence and strength of the couple, intertwining their journeys and showcasing the bridge that symbolizes their enduring bond. The touching hands depict the unity formed through a life marked by Tom's military service, business achievements, and William's entrepreneurial prowess. Together, they created a stable and adventurous life.

The bridge of love also extends to their role as fathers, forming a great father duo for Taylor. This bridge of love and commitment is a significant part of their legacy, as they will be remembered not only for their individual achievements but also for the strong and loving family they built.

Beyond their personal and business accomplishments, William and Tom emerged as icons in the food world, setting a remarkable example and leaving a canvas for creativity. Placed in a kitchen, these paintings bring a burst of creativity and curiosity, with colors and abstract textures infusing life into the taste of excellent cuisines.


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