Ripe Power - By: Luca Schrammel

Ripe Power - By: Luca Schrammel

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Title: Ripe Power

July, 2023 | Acrylic On Canvas | 36 x 36

Embark on a journey through resilience and determination with "Ripe Power." In this piece, Luca Schrammel invites you to confront your canvas as a battleground of endless possibilities and opportunities. It's a call to attack with your ideas and navigate the creative war zone to emerge victorious.

The internal battles we face shape the external struggles we encounter. Survival hinges on your strategies, intricately woven into your being. The strength emanating from your heart must be guided by the precision of your mind.

In a tribute to those in military service and veterans, "Ripe Power" employs military colors and a thematic focus on war. Luca Schrammel honors the sacrifices and strength inherent in this life commitment. This artwork serves as a poignant reminder that the nation owes an unwavering pursuit of understanding and support to its veterans, acknowledging the profound losses and immeasurable strength they carry.


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