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Effective As Of: February 5, 2020
We at BlueBoyo maintain the policy that all sales are final. While we hope you are completely satisfied with your shopping experience, to the extent permitted by law, we do not offer returns, merchandise credit, or exchanges, thank you. 
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Effective As Of: February 5, 2020
We at BlueBoyo use 3rd party drop shipping companies such as Prinitify / Printful to Create and Ship products to your doorstep. Depending on the product, it can take 5-15 business days to make and get to you. Some products are hand made and are mailed out through the shops home address. 
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 Blue Boyo - "Life Art Brand"

Greetings! I'm Luca Schrammel, the creator behind Blue Boyo "Life Art Brand," a space where joy and creativity intertwine in various art forms. I've embarked on this journey to share the transformative power of joy in shaping positive outcomes, and through Blue Boyo, we delve into the diverse realms of artistic expression.

At Blue Boyo, we specialize in crafting visual images and designs that embody a unique style. From small to large paintings and drawings, our creations resonate with the truth in human energy and form. Moreover, we extend our creative reach to enhance your skateboarding experience, infusing it with art that inspires and motivates.

The Origin of Blue Boyo:

Why Blue Boyo? It's a name rooted in my perception of people as colorful spirits of energy, transcending mere physical forms. In my imagination, individuals are fluid, shapeless entities radiating a vibrant hue—often perceived as "blue." This color symbolizes the depth within each person, an inner light that makes them more than human.

The term "Boyo" complements this vision, signifying a young person. It's a deliberate play on words, not tied to the casual use of "Boy." In history, Boyo may have referred to mail, but with a touch of refinement, it takes on a broader meaning. It's a nod to change in our historical narratives, breaking away from conventions. Calling someone Boyo is an expression of camaraderie and a departure from traditional gender norms—an inclusive way to address friends.

Join Blue Boyo, where art becomes a medium to celebrate the richness of human experience, embracing joy, and fostering creativity.

Luca Schrammel's Artistic Style: Boyoism - A Fusion of Cubism, Abstract Expressionism, and Pop Art

Luca Schrammel, the visionary behind Blue Boyo "Life Art Brand," has crafted a distinctive style that defies conventional boundaries—Boyoism. This artistic movement seamlessly weaves together elements of Cubism, Abstract Expressionism, and Pop Art, creating a dynamic and expressive visual language.

In the realm of Cubism, Luca's work embraces the freedom of lines and multiple perspectives, allowing the canvas to breathe with the energy of unbridled creativity. The fragmented forms and intersecting lines echo the spirit of the Cubist movement, challenging traditional notions of representation.

Boyoism's Abstract Expressionism facet manifests in Luca's exploration of emotions and human energy. The canvases burst with vibrant colors and dynamic brushstrokes, capturing the essence of raw, unfiltered emotion. It's a celebration of the truth within, unapologetically expressed through abstract forms.

Embedded within Boyoism is a nod to Pop Art, drawing inspiration from the likes of Giacometti. Luca's use of vivid colors, playful but powerful imagery, and a celebration of cultural icons parallel the principles of Pop Art, creating a visual feast that resonates with contemporary sensibilities.

Boyoism is a unique fusion that goes beyond artistic labels, offering a playground where creativity knows no bounds. Luca Schrammel invites viewers to experience the dynamic interplay of perspectives, the freedom of lines, and the profound truth of human energy encapsulated in the vibrant canvases of Boyoism.