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Boyo Skateboard Wax

Boyo Skateboard Wax

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Blue Boyo Skateboard Wax,

Hand made skate wax by Blue Boyo Skateboards. This wax is made from paraffin and beeswax. It gives you a slick surface to grind anything ! While gliding through janky curbs and much more... you will be hit with a cloud of the "Bubble Boyo" smell. Use the Boyo Skate Wax as a replacement for your daily deodorant as you hit ledges, curbs, rails, and whatever you need to thrash through to keep on grinding...

This pack of Blue Boyo Skateboard Wax comes with 3 puzzle pieces of wax. Colors are random and come as surprise. Customers get a surprise color or a designed puzzle piece ! Also it comes with 1 Blue Boyo Sticker !



This wax is used for skateboarding or other extreme sports. It is very slick and does not need to be applied heavily.

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