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Time Scheme - By: Luca Schrammel

Time Scheme - By: Luca Schrammel

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Title: Time Scheme

November 23 - January, 2024 | Acrylic On Canvas and Paper Pasted with Acrylic and Glue | 48 x 48

"Time Scheme" is a layered canvas that intricately weaves together various elements, creating a rich tapestry reminiscent of a timeline. The composition serves as an exploration into an overarching narrative, capturing the essence of growth and progression through interconnected lines that link diverse and shaped figures.

Within this visual journey, the surfboard, flower, and representation of birth emerge as symbolic markers, illustrating a path from point A to B. Each element signifies not just physical or chronological progress, but also encapsulates the myriad lessons and patterns of feelings encountered along the way.

The layered canvas, incorporating bits of every element, becomes a visual metaphor for the complexity and richness of life's journey. "Time Scheme" invites viewers to reflect on their own timelines, recognizing the beauty and significance of each interconnected moment and the dynamic interplay of growth, lessons, and emotional patterns.

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