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Nonno - By: Luca Schrammel

Nonno - By: Luca Schrammel

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Title: Nonno

September - December, 2023 | Acrylic On Canvas and Cement with Acrylic and Glue | 48 x 60

"Nonno" stands as a heartfelt tribute to Luca's grandfather, a visual embodiment of the emotions evoked by his presence. The inspiration for this piece originates from the splatter paint ideas that dance across one's mind when eyes are closed—the visual shaping experienced by a visual learner, capturing the essence of a person, idea, or emotion.

The canvas reflects a delicate balance of shape and structure, akin to an almost grid-like pattern. This deliberate arrangement imparts a sense of unbreakable strength, with the negative spaces contributing to a feeling of safety and warmth. Each element in the composition serves as a testament to the enduring bond shared with Nonno Eldo.

The visual concept for this shape took root during a moment spent with Nonno at his new home on Woodside Rd. "Nonno" encapsulates not just the visual impression but also the deep emotional connection, paying homage to the cherished memories and the enduring influence of a beloved grandfather.

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