Limitless - By: Luca Schrammel

Limitless - By: Luca Schrammel

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Title: Limitless

April, 2023 | Acrylic On Canvas | 30 x 48

"Limitless" holds a special place as one of Luca Schrammel's favorites, offering a profound exploration into the artist's mental landscape. Created over the span of two days, this painting serves as a direct dive into the mentality of individuals navigating the complexities of prescription medications—their thoughts before, during, and after.

The artwork sheds light on the prevalent focus on mental health in contemporary society, a topic absorbed by many but often questioned. It reflects on the importance of clarity amid the myriad influences and teachings one encounters. The interplay of the words "clear" and "clarity" invites contemplation on the diverse ways humans can change and reshape their perspectives.

"Limitless" delves into the notion that, regardless of the guidance one receives or the information absorbed, the quest for clarity remains paramount. It acknowledges the profound impact of surroundings on personal pain and emphasizes the importance of developing robust methods to absorb and navigate the complexities of life.


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