Split - By: Luca Schrammel

Split - By: Luca Schrammel

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*IMPORTANT* this painting has a broken wooden panel on the back. This makes the bottom right of the painting have about half a inch of lift. Best to reinforce the painting with screws to make it flat against a wall. When buying this Painting, you will be asked if you do want a re - stretching of the canvas from my (Luca's) end. It is an extra 350$ cost.  

Title: Split
September - December, 2023 | Acrylic On Canvas | 48 x 60

"Split," Luca Schrammel's mesmerizing creation, transcends traditional artistry to become a visual symphony where blues, cinnamon browns, and intricate characters dance in unison. In the delicate balance of clean shapes, lines, and harmonious colors, "Split" exudes a sense of order and balance. The deliberate choice of vibrant hues and balanced composition brings forth a visual delight that captures the eye.

The characters, though physically separated, speak volumes about the complexity of human bonds. The figure on the right, with two faces, grapples with their inner self, while the one on the left presents a multitude of faces, each representing unique challenges. Both are split yet intrinsically connected in the complex dance of their relationship. Importantly, their eyes, though part of the same canvas, do not meet, adding an intriguing layer of emotional distance.

The narrative unfolds as the character on the right moves towards the one on the left, perhaps in an attempt to offer assistance or liberation. Meanwhile, the character on the left seems to be in a state of retreat, reflecting the complexities of dealing with myriad problems.

What makes "Split" truly fascinating is how imperfection becomes part of its perfection. The slightly bent wood panel, an unintentional twist in the tale, humorously acknowledges the quirky contrast between pristine lines and the imperfection of the bend. Luca extends an offer to assist in re-stretching, underlining the idea that imperfections, far from detracting, enhance the artwork's character.

"Split" goes beyond being a visual treat; it's a contemplation on imperfections, human connections, and the beauty that arises when unexpected elements become integral to the story. It's a testament to the idea that art, much like human bonds, thrives in the dance between perfection and imperfection. Acquiring "Split" isn't just acquiring a piece of art—it's embracing the quirks and nuances that make it a living story, a testament to the beautiful imperfections that define us all.


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