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Lost Cabbage - By: Luca Schrammel

Lost Cabbage - By: Luca Schrammel

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January, 2024 | Pen and Paint With Glued Paper on Paper | 9 x 12

"Lost Cabbage" delves into the whirlwind of modern life, where the artist explores the concept of being in multiple places simultaneously. The intricacies of a busy schedule, constant transactions, and the pace of contemporary life are encapsulated in this expressive piece.

The painting serves as a reflection on the inherent challenges and dynamics of a fast-paced lifestyle. The symbolism of a lost cabbage becomes a metaphor for the experiences of living in different area codes, capturing the transient nature of travel and the perpetual quest to keep track of one's schedule.

Through the fusion of pen, paint, and glued paper, the artwork visually conveys the complex interplay between the artist's personal experiences and the broader themes of modern existence. "Lost Cabbage" invites viewers to navigate the tapestry of contemporary life, where the constant movement and juggling of responsibilities become an intrinsic part of one's journey.

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