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Unknown - By: Luca Schrammel

Unknown - By: Luca Schrammel

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Title: Unknown

November, 2023 - January, 2024 | Acrylic on Canvas | 48 x 60

Isaid (Isa) Alexandro Piña x Luca Schrammel

"Unknown," a collaborative masterpiece born from the artistic synergy of Isa (Isaid) Alexandro Piña and Luca Schrammel, is a testament to the enduring flame of creativity ignited during their middle school days. This large-scale canvas, measuring 48 x 60, unfolds a visual narrative of friendship, shared respect, and the joyous reconnection of two creative minds.

The painting serves as a reflection of the real-time collaboration between Isa and Luca. A border of abstract hieroglyphs, reminiscent of a blend between the past and an enigmatic future, frames the canvas. The background, a collaborative effort, features Luca's distinct touch on the right and Isaid's artistic expression on the left.

Two characters, representing the artists, engage in a dynamic exchange, capturing the essence of freedom and being in their creative element. This piece not only embodies their artistic journey but also showcases the seamless blending of their individual perspectives, creating a harmonious depiction of how they perceive and contribute to the world.

"Unknown" stands as a testament to the enduring bond of friendship and the limitless possibilities that arise when two artistic souls come together to explore the unknown realms of creativity.

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